Member News | V.PACK & MOVE (BANGKOK) CO., LTD. installs 2 flight simulators

24 Jun 2021 7:36 PM | Anonymous

Good News...

Glad to share with you the professional performance of valued OPCA member V.PACK & MOVE (BANGKOK) CO., LTD., Thailand.

CAE, the world’s leading commercial flight simulator manufacture and operator, commissioned V.Pack & Move (Bangkok) Co., Ltd to assist in the import, transport to site and to assist in the installation of an A320 and A330 flight simulators at their new training center in Bangkok. As V.Pack & Move is the most experienced company in Thailand in handling flight simulators, they were pleased to be given this project.

The transport from port to location of the flat racks and 40ft HI-Q containers presented some challenges due to access to the site, particularly the turning radius from the main road to the training center. Consequently, they had to take the container trailers to the back of the site and use a 100 ton crane to lift from the trailers across the rear wall of the compound and load on to 10-wheel trucks and move into storage ready for the installation to start.

When the technical installation team arrived from Canada and completed their Covid 19 quarantine, the work started. They used a 50 ton crane to lift the main cockpits into the simulator halls, and then all other equipment was electric powered as simulator training centers are “clean rooms”.

The equipment that they supplied and operated, under the supervision of the technical installation team, were electric fork lifts, electric scissor lift and an electric Spyder crane, as well as the usual pallet jacks. There were two crucial aspects of the installations, namely the lifting of the simulator cockpits for the installation of the actuators that create the simulator movements and the installation of the visual systems. They used a combination of three aircraft jacks supplied by CAE and timber blocking and our hydraulic jacks to lift the cockpit high enough to install the actuators. Then for the visual systems, they used the 7-ton Spyder crane to lift and position the rear projection systems. These are very sensitive, as just one finger print on the Mylar screen destroys it.

Once the rear projection systems were in position and checked for accuracy, they used the Spyder crane to lift and position the rear projection exterior bowl. The installation of both the simulators went smoothly, as their team is very experienced in flight simulator installations. They have done about 95% of all commercial flight simulator installation and relocations in Thailand. They thank CAE for giving for the opportunity to serve them.

Congratulations to V.PACK & MOVE (BANGKOK) CO., LTD. for their excellent job!