Kotug Recycing System Nominated For Award

12 Jun 2017 4:40 PM | Anonymous

Original news was published on 9 June, 2017

Towage operator Kotug International’s has been nominated for a Maritime Innovation Award by the Netherlands Maritime Technology for its tugboat heat recycling system.

The system stores heat and redistributes when required in the tugboat, cutting operating costs and emissions. Utilizing Phase Change Material technology the system is classed as zero-emission and is estimated to reduce shore power consumption by 50 percent.

“This use of PCM technology is new in the maritime industry and has great potential not only for tugboats, but for every type of vessel, as it can be tailored to different spaces and user profiles. KOTUG is looking into more applications for temperature control purposes,” Koos Smoor, manager fleet performance and innovation at KOTUG.

Headquartered in the Netherlands, Kotug provides a range of offshore breakbulk transportation, towage, salvage, and dredging services worldwide.