OPCA Member HEAVY LOGISTICS NV | Moving a Museum Ship in the City of Antwerp

06 Jul 2018 6:21 PM | Anonymous

Dear All,

Good News...

Proud to share with you the professional performance of OPCA member Heavy Logistics NV, Belgium.

Heavy Logistics NV has recently moved Antwerp Museum Ship successfully.

About Project:

Description of Good: Antwerp Museum Ship, The Lauranda


The Lauranda, Antwerp Museum Ship, is 39 meters long, 5 meters wide and 4.5 meters high. To transport the ship, the Heavy team deployed one of its self-propelled modular trailers (SPMTs). Michael Vervoot: “This is a driverless, height-adjustable, long and strong trailer operated by a remote-control device. The carriage distributes the weight of the load over 16 linked axles with wheels that can rotate 60 degrees for very precise maneuvering.”

“After a thorough preliminary study, we disassembled some of the ship’s parts. We jacked it up to a height of 120 centimeters and then drove the SPMT under it,” Michael Vervoot says. “On Thursday night, we steered it in a convoy past the MAS, the Port House and the Metropolis, up to Wijngaardnatie.” Heavy handled every aspect of the move, including the permit applications, escort support for the convoy on the road and the necessary handling at the final destination.

You can click here to review video of the shipment.

Congratulations to HEAVY LOGISTICS NV, Belgium for their excellent job.