OPCA Member Projects Fps (Pvt) Ltd. | Handling of Machinery Movement

16 Nov 2018 10:53 AM | Anonymous

Dear All,

Good News...

Proud to share with you the professional performance of OPCA member PROJECTS FPS (PVT) LTD., Sri Lanka.

PROJECTS FPS (PVT) LTD. handled the movement of machinery for a fabric manufacturing plant in the North West of Sri Lanka.

They successfully completed the first movement of sixty TEUs including 14 X 40’ Flat Racks of Over Dimensional Cargo.
This movement of cargo contained units of 600 million KCAL coal-fired conducting oil boilers in complete knocked-down condition which was handled during the first week of November 2018, according to Projects FPS Director Travis Meerwald.

The services rendered by Projects FPS included port handling, customs clearance, transportation, unloading and placement of machinery equipment.

In addition, the ODC was re-worked near to Colombo port yard from F/R containers, enabling the special equipment such as low beds and extendable trailers to be manoeuvered through the narrow roadways to final destination.

The total operation was carried out by PFPS special operations team, headed by Project Manager Ishan Fernando with the use of 20’ and 40’ high bed trailers, 40’ low bed and extendable trailers, fork lifts, a 160 ton crane and an engineering team.

Further, the client was extremely satisfied with the services and technical assistance rendered by Project FPS in completing the operation with zero errors or damages and with timely delivery. They can look forward to handling the balance project shipments in similar manner.

Congratulations to PROJECTS FPS (PVT) LTD., Sri Lanka for their excellent job.