OPCA-HQ | Ola Groups Logistics Co., Ltd. |10 Sets Of Concrete Mixer Truck

09 May 2019 9:18 AM | Anonymous

Proud to share with you the professional performance of OPCA member OLA GROUPS LOGISTICS CO., LTD., China.

OLA GROUPS LOGISTICS CO., LTD.  has arranged 10 sets of concrete mixer truck from port of Nansha by FCL service at the end of April.

Dimensions of the one set of cargo are 9.5*2.7*4.005M/40FR and the weight is 14000KGS/40FR.

For this shipment, the customer required them to arrange the shipment’s estimated time of arrival before Ramadan Holiday. However, considering Ramadan, carrier’s space was very limited and there was a problem to provide 10*40 FR(OW,OH) space.

Due to their effort and good relationship with the carrier, they got the space after the negotiation and the shipment was finally arranged successfully.

Picture shows the arrangement of the load at their Nansha Warehouse.

Congratulations to OLA GROUPS LOGISTICS CO., LTD. for their excellent job!