Member News | NTEX AB | Shipment from Sweden to Indonesia

04 Jun 2020 11:54 AM | Anonymous

Good News...

Glad to share with you the professional performance of OPCA member NTEX AB, Sweden.

They successfully handled a shipment from Sweden to Indonesia.

The cargo consists of 2 propeller shafts of 20 meters in length.

They were loaded onto a 62FT trailer and a couple of open top/standard containers were also used in this project.

The procedure went smoothly and started at the shipper's premises located on an island in Sweden.

After loading and securing the shafts on the truck, the journey started with a ferry transportation from the island to the mainland.

Then, the shafts were trucked to the port of Wallhamn and loaded onto the 62FT trailer again.

Now, the cargo is on the way to Indonesia.

About Shipment:
Port of Loading: Sweden
Port of Discharge: Indonesia
Tonnage: 16 tonnes each
Commodity: 2 propeller shafts

Congratulations to NTEX AB for their excellent job!