Member News | POLARIS SHIPPING AGENCIES | Demobilization of Construction Equipment

11 Sep 2020 3:06 PM | Anonymous

Good News...

Glad to share with you the professional performance of OPCA member POLARIS SHIPPING AGENCIES LLC, United Arab Emirates.

Project Team of Polaris Shipping Agencies successfully completed several projects in August amidst several difficulties due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

One of them is the demobilization of construction equipment back to Chinese contractor’s base in Port Tianjin.

They have concluded a contract for demobilization of construction equipment which is being returned back to contractors’ yard in port Tianjin, China from their Iraq Project.

Since the equipment is shipped in different lots as requested by the receivers in China for the convenience of refurbishing, Polaris has made arrangements to ship the units on carriers from Ex Port Umm Qasr through interim storage at Jebel Ali storage yard and further cross loading onto flat racks and other special equipment as required for UAE / China leg.

Their scope also included technical evaluation of equipment at Jebel Ali Storage yard by qualified inspectors, which was also part of their contract to give an idea about the condition of equipment for the receivers before receiving the shipment at their yard in China.

The first lot of 2 x Side booms, 1 x Excavator and Compressors was successfully shipped.

The shipment will arrive at the receiver’s base by the third week of September 2020.

Congratulations to POLARIS SHIPPING AGENCIES LLC for their excellent job!