UNITRANSPORTS SPA | Hired to move 2 boilers superheaters

Good news...

We are proud to share that UNITRANSPORTS SPA were hired to move 2 boilers superheaters originating in Milan Area to Middle East, in a remote locked area, which required the crossing of few inside borders.


675x525x275 cm. each 
Kg. 16700 kg. each 

Managing Director Paolo Maderna explained the process as follows:

The main struggle was to have the road permit in Italy, which took about 30 days to be ready due to the extra-width. After have obtained that, we arranged 2x40’ FLAT RACK cont. OOG (OW + OH), departing from Genova port. Shipping line of course asked centre of gravity and lashing point before giving green-light to proceed. We prepared cargo according to shipping line requirements and in accordance to delivery requests.

The container reached Aqaba port and then tranship to final destination by road, with the same road permit requirements we faced in Italy. Cargo reached final destination 10 days after the arrival at port of Aqaba”

Congratulations to UNITRANSPORTS SPA for their excellent job!

Please feel free to contact with UNITRANSPORTS SPA for the inquires/shipments from/to Italy.

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