Member News | UPCARGO LOGISTICS have been working on a great project for the development of the country!

10 Feb 2023 4:52 PM | Anonymous

Good news...

We are proud to share that UPCARGO LOGISTICS have been working on a great project for the development of the country (end of 2022-beginning of 2023)!

Once again, brings his experience in the movement of special loads.

For the execution of Special Load Projects, a series of particular characteristics must be taken into consideration that require special attention to carry it out properly. The time and value factor is vital for success in these complex logistics operations today.

In the mobilization of heavy, oversized loads and critical materials, we take into consideration aspects such as: personnel safety, protection of equipment or parts to be handled, care for the environment, hiring trained and specialized personnel, among others. To be able to provide solutions according to the needs that our clients demand.

To execute the detailed planning of each operation, we carry out feasibility studies, organize transport logistics, manage special document processes, emphasize safe cargo transport, and provide integrated services that minimize delivery times and movements of each load and that, at the same time, mitigate possible problems before they arise in a certain operation.

That is why our company UPCARGO LOGISTICS, for the third time, provides its logistics service for the mobilization of water pipes and accessories which will be used for the design, construction, operation, and maintenance of a water treatment plant, located in the district of Arraiján, Province West Panama, Panama City.

The new system will contribute to the improvement of the drinking water supply system to the urban population located in this area of the country, one of the objectives framed in the National Water Security Plan 2015-2050, called "Water for All" launched by the Panamanian government, which will benefit 283,000 inhabitants in the province West Panama.

This third movement of pipes was carried out at the end of the year 2022 and beginning in 2023.

The project was developed satisfactorily for 4 consecutive days in 24-hour days each day; where we have the collaboration of a team of more than 50 people including workers, suppliers, and a network of more than 100 carriers to execute the mobilization of more than 673 ductile iron pipes of 6 and 8 meters in length with a diameter of 1.50 meters plus its complementary accessories.

The beginning of this operation starts in the Port of Balboa, where the arrival of the ship is eagerly awaited. Once the gates are open, the development of the operation begins. With great caution and in an organized manner, we work together with the port personnel where the work of lifting the cargo begins.

Each pipe is positioned on the flat bed; they are placed on wooden wedges, to later be lashed. Once the cargo is secured, it is transported to the unloading site, located on the Riviera of the Panama Canal, in the Vía Borinquen sector, West Panama province.

Throughout the development of this operation, UPCARGO LOGISTICS staff maintains exhaustive supervision at the loading and unloading sites, ensuring that everything is carried out safely, satisfactory and smoothly for customer satisfaction.

Once the trucks arrive at the unloading site, UPCARGO LOGISTCS staff is ready to start the unloading operation.

The flat beds are positioned next to the cranes, to proceed with the unloading of the pipes and their accessories, which were placed on site according to the stowage plan delivered and indicated by the client.

They finished this project without any incidents and accidents and with the satisfaction that teamwork helps us to be at the service of the development and growth of our country.

The steps followed to carry out this operation were the following:

1. Organization and logistics of the operation.
2. Recognition of the area where the operation will be carried out.
3. Induction for supervisors and staff in charge.
4. Collection of shipping documentation.
5. Customs clearance documentation.
6. Reception of the shipment.
7. Direct discharge of the pipelines (from the ship to the flatbed).
8. Transportation of pipes from the port to the unloading place.
9. Unloading from pipelines and storage.

Congratulations to UPCARGO LOGISTICS for their excellent job!

Please feel free to contact with UPCARGO LOGISTICS for the inquires/shipments from/to Panama.