Connecting The World's Best Project Cargo Specialists

What makes us different ?

We visit member agents at their offices and facilities to verify their abilities and capabilities. Rest assured that you are going to meet experienced, qualified and productive partners.



Do BIGGER Things with OPCA!
I would like to thank you for your kind interest in Overseas Project Cargo Association (OPCA), which will increase your productivity, shipment volume, sales and marketing activities in project cargo field. read more...

The World's Best Project Cargo Specialists

OPCA provides heavy transport and project cargo specialists opportunity to cooperate with a reliable and experienced global network of project agents who could manage their special cargos in totally secure environment. OPCA agents can handle and manage international project shipments in air, sea, land shipping modes and they are specialized in breakbulk, abnormal, oversized, out of gauge and heavy lift cargos.


We invite you to take advantage and privilege of working with TOP CLASS PROJECT CARGO SPECIALISTS under OPCA umbrella. You may contact one of our experts and feel the difference from beginning to the end. OPCA brand name creates additional value for project cargo freight forwarding companies in global shipping, logistics and heavy transport industry.


OPCA visits, attends or exhibits international reputable events to create and provide potential to the members. It helps to create resources for members from out of the association, directly from clients or even non-members. We promote our members in different platforms to bring new project shipments, link members to strong partners and suppliers. 


Welcome to the Project Cargo Association

Overseas Project Cargo Association is a premium, global agent network of professional project cargo freight forwarders and logistics companies. It was launched in January 2014 to provide a high level of expertise for the transport of XXL cargo and complex project cargo shipments on a global scale through its experienced and qualified member agents. read more...


Overseas Project Cargo Association is delighted to provide a one-year free membership in Gold Level (excluding protection) for new members, upon completion of membership requirements. There are three primary purposes of providing free membership in OPCA.  The first purpose is to see new members’ performance during the year. The second is to provide an opportunity for new arrivals to see our services and performance. The third is to encourage new members to attend the first available Annual General Meeting (AGM) to help them activate the potential in the group. read more benefits...


New members are accepted preferably by recommendation of current members. Also, for membership approval, OPCA gives priority to the applicants who confirm to attend the next available Annual General Meeting (AGM). Quality is more important than quantity! This is one of our key success factors. OPCA has strict membership requirements and "Refer a Friend Program" to keep specific quality standards for ongoing productivity, development and increasing shipment volume in the group.
read more benefits...


There are two types of membership levels: (1) Gold Level (excluding protection) and (2) Platinum Level (including protection). Participation in the payment protection program (PPP) is optional, and the PPP will be launched upon reaching enough number of requests from members. read membership details...


Our Vision

As we move towards our goal of being a world-class network organisation, we will support our members on a global scale. Locally, our members will get the best service and competitive rates through fellow agents.

Overseas Project Cargo Association will inspire its members to be the best they can be. We will engage in sustainable practices and foresee the needs of our members. We will maximise their benefits, while still maintaining the quality of our services.

Our vision is to bring members the golden age of project cargo freight forwarders and logistics companies. Working with an experienced headquarter will allow members to proceed at their own rate, according to their ability.

Our Mission

Our mission is to combine and harmonise aggressive project cargo freight forwarders and logistics companies with qualified partners and services that bring competitive advantages to provide the best service value for their clients.


What we do?

OPCA filters project cargo freight forwarders and logistics companies, selects the best possible agents and gathers them under the dedicated group. We provide a logistics partnering opportunity to project cargo freight forwarders, globally, with reputable agents that will increase shipment volume, productivity, sales and marketing activities in project cargo field. We also create potential and present it to the members to make them generate business based on mutual benefits under OPCA. read more...

Why should you join?

A project cargo professional has to widen its field of action and promote its services through different ways. In most cases, an average company cannot compete with other forwarders or multinationals, because clients choose to collaborate with accredited, well-known or big names in the industry.

A membership in agent networking means upgrading your company to the next level. Members are selected according to specific membership requirements, and every member can be sure that when he or she needs support from other fellows in any part of the world, he or she will get it.

Members are financially stable, reputable and companies that have a good volume in sea, air and land transportation in project cargo business. OPCA allows multiple project cargo freight forwarders to work together as one body to save money, minimize risks, handle shipments masterly and provide the highest level of customer service. Read membership details...

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