R&B GLOBALNI PROJEKTI D.O.O. | Major Brazilian Goldmine Project

Good news...

We are proud to share that R&B GLOBALNI PROJEKTI D.O.O progressed shipments on behalf of their strong Brazilian client, who has been awarded a big goldmine project in the Sao Francisco area, Brazil.

R&B was contracted to arrange the pick-up of 53 components in Henan province, China, being disassembled parts for SAG (semi-autogenous) grinders, designed for the primary stage of wet grinding of primary brittle gold ore, consisting of bearing mills, skids, gear systems, motors, heat devices, etc.

The delivery in the ports of Shanghai and Qingdao took place smoothly, whereafter the goods were taken over by their Chinese counterpart. (Also, a few components arrived from Germany first, after which they were also redirected and consolidated with the rest via the Shanghai port.)

They purchased a total of 12 SOC units, of which 8 were FR, as they had to stuff various pieces up to a maximum of 4.5m high, which needed to go in a “direct” load from truck to ship.

Due to the Asia peak season and lack of space to coordinate cargo delivery, the shipper and client were happy that we distributed the shipment over a total of 4 lots.

Shipments to Suape port, Brazil, are in progress now, further shipments are to be followed soon.

Their Director Dave Roosen said: "Needless to say, as we know Brazil is a “House BL” country with customs being the top most strict (difficult) in the world, so we faced some various document changes here, but managed. Thanks to the utmost punctual and excellent cooperation service with our China counterpart, each and every shipment went absolutely flawless."

Congratulations to R&B GLOBALNI PROJEKTI D.O.O. for their excellent job!

Please feel free to contact with R&B GLOBALNI PROJEKTI D.O.O. for the inquires/shipments from/to Croatia, as well as Global Crosstrade for the more “mature” projects.

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