Do BIGGER Things with OPCA!

The core idea of Overseas Project Cargo Association is to open all doors for The World's Best Project Cargo Specialist to manage and cooperate for the large scale project shipments which consist many sectors like Oil and Gas, Wind Power, Railways, Petrochemical Plants, Chemical Facilities, Power Generation, Mining Operations, Steel Mills, and Infrastructure.


You will have three vital necessities to become productive and profitable in project cargo field. The 1st: You will have an active and supportive network management who promote your company and find out solution for your needs. The 2nd: You will have partners who have good connections with heavy industry. It means that OPCA agents are able to provide project cargos to your company. The 3rd: You will meet partners who can handle and take care of your client's million dollars cargo. More to the point, your worldwide presence and operational capabilities will increase. The final achievement will be increasing shipment volume, growing company and rock solid reputation in the industry.


OPCA has a concept! There are hundreds of networks in the industry at present. However, the question is that Do they represent your company effectively? and Do they effort Creating Relationships and Energising Business between member agents? and Do they really care whether you get benefit? - YES OPCA DO because Your Success is Our Success! OPCA has strict membership requirements, monitor and filter applicants prior to accept for membership. The management is young, dynamic and experienced in its field. We visit our members, verify their qualification, listen their needs,  make brainstorming together for further development, make matching and coordination within the industry to bring and link them project cargo.

Key Benefits and Advantages of Overseas Project Cargo Association

As for the benefits and advantages of OPCA, you will receive:

• active and supportive network management that protects, assists and promotes your esteemed company in project cargo field;

• partners who have good connections with heavy industry, exporters and importers and also provide shipments to your company;

• partners who can handle and take care of your clients’ million-dollar cargo with the utmost care;

• worldwide presence and operational capabilities through experienced partners.

Complimentary Membership in First Year

There are three primary purposes of providing free membership in Overseas Project Cargo Association.  The first purpose is to see new members’ performance during the year. The second is to provide an opportunity for new arrivals to see our services and performance. The third is to encourage new members to attend the first available Annual General Meeting (AGM) to help them activate the potential in the group. OPCA has had a rock-solid reputation in the industry since 2014, and our members are actively cooperating based on mutual benefits and have increasing shipment volume in project cargo field. We are looking for like-minded agents that are aggressive in marketing and ready to contribute to the success of our members. OPCA recommends new members to use their budgets for AGM participation in first year.

Refer a Friend Program

The referral program is a systematic way to expand OPCA's coverage through the recommendation of our current members. It is the program that is prepared to bring strong, active and well-known agents to our members from all over the world. Members encourage their experienced and reliable partners to join our networks.

There are tangible benefits for you and your partners in this referral program. For every successful candidate you refer, you will obtain a discount from your next membership renewal fee, and your partners will obtain a free one-year membership through your recommendation. It provides advantages for all members, since the referral program leads to bringing tried, tested and trusted companies to our networks. High calibre partners are guaranteed via the referral program!

High Calibre Members

Quality is more important than quantity! This is one of our key success factors. OPCA has strict membership requirements to keep specific quality standards for ongoing productivity, development and increasing shipment volume.

We do not sacrifice quality for the sake of adding more members. OPCA ensures a trusted global network with local market knowledge and network standards that guarantee effective handson management and help build lasting relationships. We regularly scan, analyze and replace any company that fails to meet the quality standards of OPCA, based on the feedbacks coming from our members.

Global Reach and Regional Expertise

Members have access to professional freight forwarding partners from all over the world. All members are filtered and hand-picked agents to ensure the quality and credibility of the service. In an instant, an agent can have hundreds of good project cargo partners, through OPCA membership, who are ready to cooperate within the general cargo or project cargo industry.

Save Time and Money in One Shot

OPCA is a dedicated platform, which provides speedy sales and marketing opportunity to the members. Thus, if an agent is located in Australia and wants to meet with other agents from Europe and Africa, then he or she cannot go to France for one week and then Egypt the next week. OPCA is managed and operated by INO Networks Group: It arranges an INO Summit every year, which is a joint conference of three independent networks (OPCA, 3F, FM) operated by the group and an event where members can meet members of their own network, including members of other INO Networks in a systematic way.

All Members are invited to attend the INO Summit to exchange leads and develop business. The event is a great opportunity to meet overseas agents that you would, otherwise, rarely get the opportunity to meet. Members also have access to our one-to-one online program, which allows delegates to set up 20 minutes of private business meetings prior to their arrival.

Well Organised Networking Events

A face-to-face meeting plays a significant part in communication and business. It is not just how you said something, but your facial expressions and body posture are also important. Agents mostly do not prefer to give their client’s valuable cargo to one another without some form of meeting or communication.

The INO Summit is a three-day joint conference, which brings the members of three well-known associations together in one place. The summit is held by the participation of the members from OPCA, 3F and FM. These three associations are independent and separate from one another and have different members. Each association serves different expectations, needs and strategies of freight forwarders and logistics companies. They come together for this glorious summit to create perfect synergy, potential and networking opportunities.

The three-day event is a great opportunity for all agents to meet with fellow members and potential partners by attending the social networking events. Attendees are encouraged to take full networking advantages of this great gathering during optional activities (e.g., a city tour, football tournament, paintball tournament, karting race, welcome cocktail and gala dinner), while focusing only on their own network partners during one-to-one meetings. The INO Summit is a unique joint conference with its distinguished feature of keeping each association’s specialty, while giving more networking opportunities to attendees during social events.

Definitely, the INO Summit will be a major success that should not be missed to help you build new business relationships, strengthen existing ties and make new acquaintances with the joint power of INO Networks Group.

Disciplined Cooperation

OPCA has terms and conditions that regulates both the cooperation between members and the relations with the network itself. These rules bring discipline together with stability into cooperation between members. All of our members agree to follow the terms and conditions automatically, due to their membership, and it helps us to have sustainable success.

Members who break the rules are dismissed and replaced by the next best-qualified candidate on our waiting list. The terms and conditions are valid agreements between all members, and they establish the liability and responsibility of each party in the network. These rules are available for our members in the members-only area on our website.

Build Your Brand

Agent networks are where you can display your business reputation and credibility. Being part of OPCA is the strongest endorsement you need to stand out from other freight forwarders. Membership shows your accreditation and integration to the project freight forwarding industry, and it differentiates your company from any other average freight forwarding or logistics company.



INO Networks Group has a payment protection program called, ‘INO Global Protection’, and it is created to cover unpaid invoices between member agents. It is a unique and exclusive program for the members to protect themselves against possible debtors or delinquent companies in the network. It is a self-funded program and managed by INO Networks Group. There is no insurance or third-party behind the program, and it gives full control to the management in the budget. Participation in the payment protection program (PPP) is optional, and the PPP will be launched upon reaching enough number of requests from members.

Case and Claim Management

OPCA aims to provide a safe environment to all members with all aspects. In all cases, our members are assisted by the network management, with a professional approach. The OPCA team has years of experience in dealing with members’ disputes. Each case is handled in an efficient and timely manner.

OPCA has a case and claim management service to solve disputes and problems between members. The case and claim management procedure is designed in three categories, which are detailed in a separate guideline. Please note, however, that all disputes arising between members are handled as explained in the guideline. All member agents must follow these instructions and steps meticulously in case of any dispute. The case and claim management is a free service, and any decision given by the network management is binding for all parties. read more...


OPCA has Activity Report and Payment Monitoring (AR/PM) application to review performance of the members. It helps management to determine the agents who put real effort to develop business in the group. In other words, it means that we don't allow and keep agents in OPCA who are just waiting to be nominated for shipments. A member will support fellow members and will be supported based on mutual benefits. AR/PM is a simple form which you need to fill basic information about the shipments such as invoice no, issue date and document no. The form can be download from members only area.


OPCA management aims join worldwide reputable exhibitions to create and provide the potential to its members. It helps to create resources for members from out of the association, directly from clients, traders or even non-members. OPCA promotes members in different platforms to bring them project  cargo shipments, link members to strong partners and suppliers. Our members can join exhibitions together with OPCA management and use the booth/stand to welcome their business contacts. Registered & Protected Protection Status