FRONT LINE LOGISTICS L.L.C | Heavy lift module movement project

08 Aug 2023 11:54 AM | Anonymous

Good news...

We are proud to share that The Frontline projects team has achieved a remarkable accomplishment by effectively managing the intricate heavy lift module movement project.

This endeavour involved transporting a module measuring 17 x 10 x 12 meters and weighing 175 metric tons from the supplier yard to its designated location on a floating production storage and offloading vessel. The operation encompassed both road and marine transportation, requiring meticulous planning and coordination.

The project entailed the utilization of specialized equipment, including a heavy lift ringer floating crane with a 200 metric ton capacity for loading, as well as a massive 2000 metric ton capacity floating crane for unloading and installation. These advanced lifting mechanisms ensured the secure and controlled handling of the substantial components.

Notably, the successful execution also involved navigating the challenges of road transport, specifically crossing the bustling E11 highway. The collaboration with relevant authorities and law enforcement to facilitate the seamless passage of the oversized and weighty cargo underscores the significance of effective inter-agency cooperation and safety protocols.

In summary, this project stands as a testament to the Frontline projects team's competence and determination in orchestrating intricate logistical operations. Frontline projects adeptness in planning, executing, and finding solutions is evident in the triumphant completion of this complex task.

Congratulations to FRONT LINE LOGISTICS L.L.C for their excellent job!

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